karma vitality fitness exercise women chantilly northern vaAs much as we enjoy providing personal training, group exercise classes and top-notch exercise equipment in our Chantilly fitness studio, we LOVE our AWESOME community of women! Each member of Karma Vitality brings her own perspective and insight into women’s health and wellness, and there’s no better place to receive the support you need while working toward your own fitness and health goals.

Here’s what some of our members say about Karma Vitality Fitness Studio for Women.

Karma VS made weight loss and toning fun. I never thought working up a sweat 5 times a week could be enjoyable. Meredith and her staff are approachable, friendly and I began to consider everyone here friends, not just friendly ladies at the gym.     -Krista

Love it! Just what I need to lift my spirit. Please check out this gem out in the South Riding area.    -Katie Ann

As I navigate the 7th decade of my life, I want to remain strong and healthy so I can actively participate in the activities I enjoy. Karma VS is the perfect place for me! It is a friendly, welcoming, non-intimidating community of women. The classes I attend are so much fun I forget I am actually working out!     -Marcie

Over the years I’ve joined all kinds of different fitness centers.  I have joined studios that only offer one type of class- but were expensive and limited in options, as well as large “big box” clubs – that seemed more like nightclubs than health clubs. I have found Karma VS to be the best place for true fitness, especially for women.  I love that it is focused only on women and no one cares about your hair or what you are wearing.  And there are A LOT of classes! And you can take as many classes as you want,  all are offered at different times or days of the week so you can find something that works for your schedule.  Karma VS offers the BEST personal training I’ve ever experienced.  I came to Karma VS to really rehab my ankle after I broke it.  Meredith did more for my ankle in a month than 12 weeks of physical therapy.  If you have joint or stability issues and want to get better this is THE place for personal training.  I love this place.  The members, the staff are friendly, supportive and fun.  If you really want to get fit or stay fit then this is the place to be.         -Jacki

I have always disliked exercise and now that I found Karma VS and Meredith and Joyce, I am finally enjoying my fitness program. It’s not like exercise – it’s like meeting good friends and getting healthy at the same time. I am so happy-I always look forward to coming.     -Georgie

I recently moved to the Loudoun County area after spending many years in Kansas.  Everything about my new life is strange.  My workouts have always been very important to me so I was concerned that I find a place to workout but also where I felt I mattered.  I stumbled onto Karma VS’s website and decided to check it out.  Meredith met me with a big smile and welcomed me as if she had known me a long time.  I am so thankful for finding Karma VS, Meredith, Joyce and all the clients that have been so nice to me.  It’s been a month now and I have tried nearly every class and love them all!  Karma VS is my new comfort zone where I find familiar faces and I feel good when I leave.  The variations of the classes make it fun, provide a full body workout and the interaction with the other women is great!  Thanks Meredith for Karma VS.     – Vicky

Meredith is an excellent trainer and instructor! She is very knowledgeable and caring about all of her members. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!     -Stephanie

The feeling of intimidation in joining a gym will quickly be replaced by the sense of family and belonging at Karma VS. The staff is passionate about what they do and teach their classes and train their clients with a personal touch. From the staff to the members, everyone knows your name and supports you in your fitness journey. Walking into Karma VS is like walking into your home away from home.     -Jenni

I honestly never enjoyed working out until I joined Karma VS. It is such a supportive environment with exciting and fun classes and a phenomenal childcare. My kids and I truly look forward to coming to the gym each day – something I never thought I’d ever say! I am loving the changes that I am seeing. I am stronger, happier and wearing a smaller pant size – and I owe it all to Meredith and Joyce.     -Alyssa

Amazing community of women! They know each person by name and are good about communicating the “why” and “how” so you do things properly from the beginning. I have no idea how Meredith keeps her energy level the same day in and out. Love it here!     -Carita